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Kristin (KC) Lewis, RDN

Hi! I’m KC Lewis, Registered Dietitian and Chronic Kidney Disease specialist.

I have been a Dietitian for almost 20 years. I started working in Dialysis in 2005, and later moved into Chronic Kidney Disease. I grew up with a close family member with only one kidney and that helped draw me to my current specialty. Chronic Kidney Disease often comes along with other conditions like Diabetes or Heart Disease, and I have worked extensively with patients with a range of medical nutrition needs. I will help you figure out the right combination of special diets to meet your specific health concerns.


When I’m not working, I love spending time with my family, cooking and trying new recipes. I grew up on a tight food budget, and know how to make limited resources stretch to feed you and your family. I also love to share inexpensive and easy recipes with my clients and keep up with new food products that making cooking easier for those who don’t love it or don’t have enough time.


Making a change to your lifestyle is difficult but I’m here to help. I center my sessions in compassion and have a judgement free approach. I would love to work with you to find a nutritional path that fits your unique life, health goals, and food preferences.

Kristin (KC) Lewis, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist in Prescott, Arizona, specializing in chronic kidney disease
  • B.S. Food Science and Nutrition (2004): CSU Chico
  • RDN: Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
Additional Training
  • Dietetic Internship (1200 hours of supervised practice)
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